Wow. This is a bit daunting. Never done a blog post before. Funny thing is that I have had this blog for close to a year now but have never actually had the courage to read it. I am a bit scared and anxious to do this, but my goal for 2019 was to say Yes to things that scare me. So here goes!

Today is January 14th, 2019 and it marks Day One of my #100DaystoChange Challenge…I know, I know not the most original of challenge titles, but you gotta give me a break…I’m new at this!

So what is this challenge you may ask? Well, it’s this smart idea I had to do a couple of things for the next 100 days [Until April 24th] and see if they will stick and become a habit. They are the following:

1. Be Fit: Work out every weekday at 5:30am…this is a hard one because I looove my sleep! But, from everything I have read, early mornings and starting your day off with exercise leads to you having a pretty productive day. Which leads me to my number 2.

2. Be Productive: I waste a lot of time at work and in general, faffing about when I could be either working, writing my personal statements for Uni, blogging, reading some intelligent books or just reflecting on my growth. So for the next 100 days, I am going to be using every minute and hour for as much productive work as possible [I’m human so I accept that there’ll be some minutes of joking around, but I am allowing myself 3hrs a day to so]. The rest of that time will be used for productive and intelligent things.

3. Be HairConscience: I have natural hair and I am trying to grow it, so for the next 100 days I am going to be kind to hair and treat it with the love and care it needs to flourish and grow. Also, I am hoping that in these 100 days I will have gotten into a routine that makes my hair care less of a hassle.

4. Be Relationship Centered: I aim to spend 2 hours a week with my mom and dad. I also aim to visit two extended family members per month….it’s gonna be intense but I am hoping to do all of this visiting and quality time spent because I need stronger bonds with my family. In this “family” I am thinking of my boyfriend as well…lol! I can’t believe that I have a boyfriend…so I want to be more relationship-centered and be a good girlfriend…whatever that means lol!

5. Be a Money Hater: LOL! Not that I hate money, but I wanna be able to spend thrifty. I want to save and invest and spend as little as possible. I want to see if I can survive on $150 USD per month….YIKES! I am already nervous about that goal but I have faith that I can do it.

6. Be POSITIVE: And last but definitely not least, I aim to be more positive. This to me means my connection with God, my connection with the world and all my loved ones. I want to have faith that He got my back and that all that happens is His plan and that there’s always a lesson tailored to make me a better person in whatever hardships I experience…that’s a lot of faith in someone/something I have never seen, but I am working on it. I want to see the good in everyone, everything and every situation. I know of all my goals this will be the hardest to achieve.

Anyway! This has been a long blog post, but my aim is to post every day for the next 100 days. See if I can grow some skills here…whether someone reads this is now the question LOL! I don’t know if I want them to…and I don’t know if this counts if I don’t share it? I don’t know. Anyway, I gotta go to bed because it’s up and at them tomorrow morning for the worst exercise video EVER!

Ciao Ciao

SerenitySeeker 🙂